Celera Hosted Cloud

Everybody’s heard of ‘the cloud,’ but many businesses are unaware of the numerous benefits that cloud hosting can offer small and medium-sized businesses. Celera Hosted Cloud service enables business to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud storage, while maintaining security.

So what does Celera Hosted Cloud mean for your business?

Less hardware to maintain.

  • That means less overhead, reduced electricity consumption, and more efficient use of your office space.

Your data is managed by experts.

  • We ensure constant reliability, stability and uptime, and make sure your data is always backed up. We handle all antivirus and security protection in our Network Operations Center.

No need to purchase expensive hardware or software updates.

  • With our service, you no longer need to worry about security patches, software updates, or hardware management.

Remote access to files and applications.

  • Whether you have individuals working remotely, or geographically dispersed offices, we make sure your employees have access to files and applications, such as Microsoft Office or your CRM, when they need them.

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