Celera ProAct Managed Care

Server Support, Management and Administration

Lost data and downtime can have a significant negative impact on your business. With Celera ProAct Managed Care, we enable businesses to take a proactive approach to eliminating issues before they become problems. We provide comprehensive IT support including monitoring, maintenance, and security for your servers and workstations with pay as you go Remote Support, using proactive tools and processes in order to prevent downtime before it affects your bottom line.

With Celera ProAct Managed Care, you get all the benefits of a comprehensive technology management package with pay as you go remote support. Our Remote Support Center, staffed with our own people, remotely helps you through issues as they arise to prevent downtime and maintain availability and stability.

Proactive 24x7 Monitoring, Maintenance and Security for Servers, Workstations and Firewalls

Celera ProAct Managed Care for Workstations and Servers includes:

  • 8x5 system monitoring
  • Proactive incident resolution
  • Remote Support through our Remote Support Center on a “pay as you go” basis
  • 24x7x365 access to Help Desk and engineers (all time billed in 15 minutes increments)
  • Remote preventative workstation maintenance
  • Software and hardware tracking such as serial numbers, license expirations, warranties, vendor information, detailed service responses, and more
  • Celera Hosted Exchange (workstations only)
  • Managed Antivirus protection
  • Security updating and patching

While Antivirus is vital to ensure a healthy IT infrastructure, precautions can be also taken to stop viruses from entering your network at the gateway level - that’s where we come in with firewall monitoring. With our Celera ProAct Managed Care, we manage connectivity, endure your appliance is up-to-date, and protect your business from virus and malware attacks.

As part of ProAct Managed Care for workstations, we also include Celera Hosted Exchange, as well as antivirus and security patching and updating services.

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