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Celera Hosted Cloud

Enjoy the benefits of the cloud while maintaining existing functionality with our secure private cloud offering

Everybody's heard of 'The Cloud' and most are aware of the numerous benefits, but the issue of migrating your existing infrastructure can be daunting. With Celera Hosted Cloud, small and medium-sized businesses can enjoy the benefits of a seamless cloud migration, without the risk of losing existing features or functionality. We also make sure your data is always protected with Network Threat and Security Protection that we monitor and manage.

With Celera Hosted Cloud, you won't have to continue to purchase and maintain expensive hardware, which will free up space in your office and lessen your overhead. At the same time, your organization will benefit from a reliable, scalable cloud solution that is accessible using any device from anywhere.

Experience a reliable, scalable and secure solution with Celera Hosted Cloud

Here are some of the benefits of Celera Hosted Cloud:

  • Consistent functionality
  • Experience the same features and functionality that you and your firm is used to now – with the added benefits of our Private Cloud. During our design and migration process, we will implement a cloud solution that provides the same features and functionality that you have today.

  • Security and reliability managed by experts
  • We ensure constant security, reliability, stability, and uptime, and make sure your data is always available. We handle all of the backup, antivirus and security protection in our Network Operations Center.

  • No expensive hardware to purchase or maintain
  • Which means less overhead, reduced energy consumption, and more efficient use of your office space.

  • In-house support
  • Whether you have individuals working remotely, or geographically dispersed offices, we make sure your employees are always supported and have access to our in-house Helpdesk. We are there for your team to help resolve incidents remotely or onsite and we use our own people – nothing is outsourced.