T minus 6 months: Goodbye, good ol’​ Windows 7!

T minus 6 months: Goodbye, good ol’​ Windows 7!


The world is one week away from the 10th anniversary of what has become the best PC Operating System ever released by Microsoft (of its time): Windows 7. On January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will halt extended support for all versions which means it will become the number one target for hackers who may have been sitting on security holes they have found.

It takes time and money to perform a migration off of Windows 7. Some of you may ask "Why?" I ask this question of you: "Why not?" Two weeks from today, we are going to hit the FOURTH anniversary of the release of Windows 10. Yes, that is correct... Windows 10 has been out for four years! There is a possibility that there are some of you out there sitting on a computer with Windows 10 on it that is actually already considered "out-of-date." Some of you may have just acquired your first Windows 10 system this year. It's the rest of you who need to be concerned and continue reading.

Windows 7 has the largest global footprint of ANY outdated operating system ever released by any developer. It's still hovering around one third of all computers. But why are the remaining users holding out? Are they getting complacent? Do they just think they're invulnerable? "It'll never happen to me... I'm just the little guy."

How about Intel's issues with the manufacturing delays of its latest i-series CPUs for the last 6 months? It's been almost impossible for distributors to get any desktops in stock. And this has NOTHING to do with everyone jumping ship to Windows 10. The desktop shortage has forced people to get on the defensive and fill the sand bags rather than evacuate against all of the warnings. This is no longer the time to take this lightly. Now is the time to look at your budget and your timeline and plan the move.

There are almost no software developers left who can say they haven't developed their software for Windows 10 yet. So that excuse is no longer valid. The financial side, though, really can be valid. At Celera Networks, we have options for you to fit your company's needs. Did you know you can lease an entire computer deployment, including the labor? Yes, you can! And you even have the option of the dollar-buyout at the end of the term. Many of our clients have taken advantage of that option. It does not cost that much more and you can choose from 2-year, 3-year, or 4-year options.

Choosing to wait is only going to cost you more money. Why? What makes it get more expensive later? The PC shortage that has happened in the last 6 months is not because of the Windows 10 panic-buying. It is due to shortages in CPU manufacturing where Intel decided to focus more on the higher-end manufacturing. With all of that mostly caught up, the computers are finally available for ALL of those people who have been waiting. And now, you're in line too. With our Elite User service product, you can bundle your IT needs to a wide-range of covered end-user support issues for a monthly fee. So, moving to Windows 10 for fear of not knowing how to use it is also no longer an excuse. We show you and your staff the easy comparisons between the system you're used to and the new operating system to keep everyone working efficiently.

Windows 10 does not have to be a scary implementation for your company. We can give you peace of mind because we've already migrated hundreds of users from dozens of different environments with a multitude of software applications all successfully with our team. This could also be an opportunity for you to include getting that old, slow, not-even-sure-if-it's-backing-up server upgraded. Server upgrades in the past have always been a costly one-shot endeavor. Now, with our Hosted Cloud solution and how fast and less expensive internet is everywhere, you can put your server needs right in our secure data center and give yourself peace of mind with included daily backups, data recovery to as soon as the last hour ("OH, NO! I just saved over a file I was working on all day!"), and a spread out monthly cost for a hosting solution rather than having to pay for a server or multiple servers up front.

As you start to close out your summer, do heed the warning. Don't wait. You could save thousands of dollars by getting this process started right away. AT LEAST start a conversation about it. Our engineers are well-versed in all of this and can answer any questions you may have about getting the ball rolling. Feel free to visit us online at www.celeranetworks.com or call us at 617-375-9100. Our office hours are M-F 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Time, but we have 24x7 on-call support available to you with our services.